About us

About Impact Industrial Services

Impact Industrial Services is a surface restoration company, established in 2012, located in Regina and serving customers throughout southern Saskatchewan.

Impact Industrial Services utilizes the latest and most advanced equipment and technology on the market. This ensures safe, efficient and trouble-free surface restoration, every time.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you make your next surface restoration project a success!

SINCE 2012

With over half of a million square feet of surfaces cleaned in a variety of industries, we have the experience, knowledge, and skills to achieve the results you want for your project.


We make sure we understand exactly what you need and then provide you with a team of professionals and the Cleaning Process best suited to meet your goals.


We believe in providing a solution to all your cleaning and service needs, as if our next job is dependent on your referral.


We are fiercely dedicated to it and it shows in every job we do. As far as we are concerned, customer satisfaction is written in stone.

Executive Managers

Jason Young


Jason was the former Operations Manager at Mobile Propane Services and Service Coordinator at Canwest Propane Regina, Sk. He is a licensed LPG Domestic Gas Fitter, and has extensive knowledge of worksite safety, customer relationships, problem solving, and project planning.

Morris Young

Vice President

Morris is a successful Saskatchewan business owner of 40 years in the propane industry serving the Retail, Commercial, and Construction sectors until 2013, when his company was purchased by a major oil company.

Our Portfolio

Our Environmentally Friendly Surface Restoration company has a long and diverse project resume within numerous commercial, historical, government and residential projects.

We are registered with the following Safety Pre-Qualification companies so they may monitor our Health and Safety, procurement, quality, and regulatory information in order to make it available to potential and existing clients in the Oil, Gas, and Mining industries. Click on the Links for more info: