Electric Motor Cleaning

Improve operating efficiency and uptime

Electric motors account for up to 80% of all available electric energy used in today’s Industrial workplace. They can also waste up to 50% of electric energy due to inefficient motor optimization caused by dirt, soot, grease, and oil build up in production facilities. Over time, machinery can begin to overheat and function improperly, leading to potential failure and costly downtime.

Benefits of Cleaning Industrial Electric Motors using Dry Ice Blast Cleaning:

  • No drying process
  • No chemicals or water disposal issues
  • No potential damage to any components
  • Instant energy savings
  • Restores optimal operating conditions quickly
  • Can be cleaned in place without disconnecting

Why choose Impact Industrial Services for your Electric Motor Cleaning needs?

Impact Industrial Services is up for the challenge when it comes time to increase your operating efficiency and uptime using our dry ice blast cleaning service. Our Dry Ice Blasting process is non-conductive, and can restore both rotating and stationary electrical equipment to peak performance. With the flexibility to quickly restore and recondition various sizes and types of industrial equipment and electric motors with Impact Industrial Services Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, you can minimize the costly downtime and disruptions that are generally associated with using traditional cleaning methods.