Oil/Gas and Mining

For Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection, and Surface Preparation

Dry ice blasting can save both time and money in the oil and gas industry. Dry ice is a soft media and nonabrasive on many surfaces so it can be used to effectively clean delicate components and equipment without damage. Because it cleans without water or solvents, it can be used around electronics and other sensitive components and is the ultimate clean-in-place process. Dry Ice Blasting minimizes disassembly and pre-job preparation time – and because it sublimates on contact, cleanup time and disposal costs are reduced and secondary waste contamination to sensitive moving parts is eliminated.

Dry ice cleaning is a proven solution for cleaning in the oil and gas industry. Heat exchangers, generators, radiator fins, motors, pumps, vessels, drilling equipment and tank batteries are cleaned quickly and without damage. It is gentle enough to clean radiator fins on fracking pump trucks, aggressive enough to clean Bitumen from the walls of vessels and effective enough to be able to inspect pipelines or instruments thoroughly.

Proven Oil and Gas Applications for Dry Ice Blasting Include:

  • Surface preparation of pressure vessels
  • Rotating equipment
  • Production equipment
  • Pipelines
  • Heat exchangers
  • Reactor screens
  • Shell side tube bundles
  • Interior & exterior wall cleaning
  • Convection section or re-boilers
  • Fin-fans
  • Sulfur and Nitric Acid removal
  • Tar and Bitumen cleanup

Benefits of using Dry Ice Blasting in the Oil and Gas Industry are:

  • A faster, better clean
  • Non-conductive
  • Chemical free
  • No secondary waste stream
  • No damage to refractory
  • No acidic damage or caustic etching

Why choose Impact Industrial Services for your Oil/Gas and Mining cleaning needs?

As an ISNetworld Member Contractor, we meet the criteria required by most Clients in the Oil/Gas and Mining industry. This automatically pre-qualifies us, saving you the administrative time required to set up a new contractor. Using our Dry Ice Blasting service, we can provide you with a quick, safe, non-toxic, and economical cleaning solution for your heat exchangers, generators, radiator fins, motors, pumps, vessels, drilling equipment and tank batteries, or perform cleaning for inspection and instrumentation quickly and without damage. We can clean one piece or the whole production process while on-line without requiring a cool-down period using our Dry Ice Blasting service.

We are an ISNetworld Member Contractor . They are a Safety Pre-Qualification company that monitors our Health and Safety, procurement, quality, and regulatory information and makes it available to potential and existing clients. Click on Link for more info: