Dry Ice Blasting vs Chemical Removal

Posted by wpadmin on May 13, 2017

After our success in winning a major dry ice blasting contract at the provinces largest Agricultural manufacturing facilities, February and March were overwhelming to say the least!

However, things are balancing themselves out quite nicely. With a few major projects planned for this summer, I would like to talk about raising awareness of dry ice blasting and the potential it can achieve.

Dry Ice Blasting has long been around for decades, but its sheer potential has yet to be realized when it comes to replacing chemicals.

A recent example of Dry Ice vs. Chemical removal of paint from a monstrous equipment paint booth. Traditionally the panels are sprayed with a chemical to soften paint overspray, the paint was then removed with 4 employee using hand tools over a week, leaving grinding marks in the booths panels.

In 1 long day using Dry ice blasting we removed every trace of paint from the booth No chemicals, no power tools, and the client’s employees were free to contribute in their regular work duties. This resulted in a huge time and cost savings.

Chemical removal had been the chosen application for over 20 years. Dry ice blasting hadn’t even been considered until the awareness of our process became evident while performing our facility cleaning project during a shutdown on the same property.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, awareness is everything. Once people see dry ice blasting first hand, they soon realise just how much it can help in their application, and crucially save them maintenance time too.

The potential for this manufacturing facility alone is huge. It’s certainly keeping us busy!