We offer a turn key ASME Propane Tank Re-certification Service in Western Canada that includes transporting, inspecting, sandblasting, painting, purging, and the installation of new valves and fittings. Once complete, these tanks are ready to return to the customer and put back into service.

Tanks are required in Canada to be refurbished and inspected every 20 years. Using our services to refurbish your tanks, your increasing their life span, and giving them the ability to last beyond future re-certification periods.

Our refurbishing process includes:

  • Sandblasting to near white metal
  • Grinding of welding splatter
  • Visual inspection of tank, welds, and legs
  • Primed with epoxy primer
  • Painted with aliphatic urethane top coating
  • Gauge seal replacement
  • Operational testing of percentage gauge
  • Replace gauge bolts using anti-seize compound
  • Purging
  • Moisture removal using methanol injection.
  • Rego valves and fittings
  • Re installation of domes and lids
  • Freight pick up and delivery

Impact Industrial Services meets or exceeds the standards set forth by Transport Canada and the Canadian Gas Association when it comes to the refurbishing and transportation of ASME Propane Tanks.