Sandblasting is used to clean and prepare surfaces for new coatings applications.  Some uses for Sandblasting include rust removal, coatings removal, etching and profiling of surfaces for painting, etc. Sandblasting involves the use of a pressurized blast pot, blast hose, and specialized nozzles to propel abrasive media at high velocity onto the surface to be cleaned. This process thoroughly removes the material without harming the substrate. We use different sized and shaped blast media based on the required cleaning application. We carefully choose our blast media based on their different densities, abrasives, and sizes such as sand, garnet, aluminium, glass bead, crushed recycled glass, etc.

We offer Sandblasting in the following applications:

  • Commercial/Fleet vehicle refurbishment
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Plant and machinery cleaning and blasting
  • Stone and brickwork cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Structural steel cleaning
  • Etching and profiling
  • Industrial spraying to agreed specification

Benefits to using our Sandblasting Services:

  • Least expensive option
  • Most options for blasting media (sand, walnut, glass, garnet, steel shot etc.)
  • Quickest removal rate
  • Ability to achieve specific blast profiles for coating adhesion
  • On and Off-Site capabilities
  • Multiple lifting devices to load and unload pieces of all sizes
  • Large 5 acre fenced blasting area with enclosed blast tent for all weather conditions
  • 6000 square foot building
  • ISNetworld Contractor Member

Why Choose Impact Industrial Services for your Sandblasting Needs?

Impact Industrial Services has multiple Wet and Dry Sandblasting Units, each equipped with portable air compressors, and a fully trained staff that understands our customer’s requirements. Using our Dry Ice Blasting, Wet Abrasive Blasting, or conventional Sandblasting methods, we are confident we can exceed your surface cleaning requirements quickly and efficiently, saving you money and minimizing downtime. We carry a vast array of nozzles and accessories to enhance our blasting systems capabilities, allowing us to meet all our customer’s unique cleaning needs.