Wet Abrasive Blasting – uses a combination of water, recycled crushed glass and compressed air to remove a wide range of coatings, corrosion, and residues. Since the blast media is encapsulated in water it can hit the surface without causing sparks, making it an excellent choice for the oil and gas industry.

Unlike Dry Sandblasting, the heat and friction that cause metal to warp and distort is eliminated, and because the media is wet it creates 90 percent less dust, therefore higher visibility, and in most cases other work can still be performed in a close radius to the blast site.


  • Water Surrounds the Blast Media
    Blast Media coated in a water jacket by surface tension, increases speed and mass enhancing the force of impact upon the blast surface at less air pressure than conventional sandblasting.
  • Blast Media Hits the Surface
    Blast Media (usually Recycled Crushed Glass) hits the surface, the water continues moving but still holding onto the blast media by surface tension. The water jacket hits the surface and prevents any grit from bouncing, while eliminating up to 90 percent of the dust. (no more air born silica and lead paint dust)
  • Water “Snaps” Around the Media
    This “Water Jacket” snaps around the blast media into the crack under the blast surface and hydro-statically blasts a larger amount of surface coating away.
  • The Result
    The result is a profiled surface, feathered edges, and the most efficient use of the least amount of blast media and water. (70 % of the Blast Media compared to Sandblasting, and only 1 liter per min. of water)

Wet Abrasive Blasting applications:

  • Surface preparation-etching, polishing, profiling
  • Equipment maintenance-film, grease, corrosion, coatings
  • Blast Cleaning-Dirt, mould, paint, and coatings
  • Stone and Brickwork Cleaning-Graffiti removal, paint removal, brick restoration
  • Historical Restoration-Environmental stains, grime, coatings, and surface dirt
  • Concrete-coatings, paint, and sealer removal
  • Asphalt-parking stripe removal, curb stop paint removal
  • Structural steel cleaning-SSPC 1 level wash down, etching, profiling, surface preparation
  • Industrial coatings spraying to agreed specification

Benefits to using our Wet Abrasive Blasting Service:

  • Dustless
  • Consumes less media than traditional sandblasting
  • Encapsulates lead paint particles
  • Minimal containment and cleanup saving you money
  • Effective in rain and high humidity
  • Rust inhibitor added to water to prevent flash rusting and better coating adhesion
  • Does not warp or distort metal like traditional sandblasting
  • Less damaging to substrate
  • Our water is mixed with Hold Tight 102 (a rust inhibitor/salt remover) therefore, no more prewashing metal surfaces, while preventing flash rusting for up to 72 hours. Approved by all major paint manufacturers.

Why Choose Impact Industrial Services for your Sandblasting Needs?

Impact Industrial Services has multiple Wet and Dry Sandblasting Units, each equipped with portable air compressors, and a fully trained staff that understands our customer’s requirements. Using our Dry Ice Blasting, Wet Abrasive Blasting, or conventional Sandblasting methods, we are confident we can exceed your surface cleaning requirements quickly and efficiently, saving you money and minimizing downtime. We carry a vast array of nozzles and accessories to enhance our blasting systems capabilities, allowing us to meet all our customer’s unique cleaning needs.